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So You’ve asked yourself ‘do i need life insurance’?

It is extremely important that you think about what the impact would be on your family, spouse or partner should you die ‘ahead of schedule’ with not enough or no life insurance in place? Could they cope financially without your support or income? Could they afford to keep a roof over their heads?

Why have life insurance in place?
Life insurance is an essential need for most families in the UK, it will protect them throughout the financially vulnerable period of their lives that is when needs are at their greatest i.e. mortgage payments, council tax, school fees and uniforms, car loans, supermarket bills and fuel etc and remember the early death of one partner may mean that the surviving partner may have to give up work to look after the family on a temporary or long term basis.

Sadly many people have no life insurance in place even though they may pay every month for home insurance, car insurance and even pet insurance yet still do not see life insurance as something they may need.

You may feel the need to speak with someone for advice on life insurance, which raises the question who should you speak to? You may feel the need to speak with a friend or family member but our best advice would always be that you discuss your need with a qualified life insurance adviser either over the phone or face to face they will be able to fully address the need and discuss the different cost and policy type.

Life insurance as well as covering death can include the terminal illness benefit this can be useful as it means benefit can be paid in advance when someone is terminally ill.

So back to the original question ‘do I need life insurance’ try answering the following questions on a yes or no basis

    Do you have dependants that are wholly or partially dependant on your income?
    Do you have any debt i.e. hire purchase agreements or credit cards?
    Would it be difficult for your family to survive on only the income of one partner?
    Would your partner have to give up work if the unthinkable happened?
    Would it be difficult for your loved ones to raise the cost of your funeral tomorrow?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above then it is important to have life insurance in place to protect your family and cover their needs.

Do I need life insurance?...You know the answer!

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