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Do you need Home Insurance 

Your home is probably the biggest investment that you will ever make. What if something were to happen to your home or to all of your possessions that you’ve bought and paid for over a lifetime (flood ,fire or a burglary) and you didn’t have home insurance. Could you easily afford to start all over again? Even if you rent the property you live in, you need will still need home contents insurance.

Often mortgage lenders will insist on you having a home insurance policy in place, they may need to see evidence of this and in some cases you may be able to combine the insurance with the mortgage payment.

You may need to leave your home each day so when you exit you will lock all doors and if you have an alarm you’ll switch it on but that doesn’t mean that when you come home that you’ll find everything as you left it!

Do you need contents insurance?

If your television is stolen that is one thing but how would you cope if something was taken that you could not afford to replace? Or the majority of your belongings were taken?

Insurance is needed to protect you and your family so that should the worst happen you can replace all of the valuables that were taken! In a nutshell that is what a home contents insurance policy does and for those reasons it is an absolute need for many people.

All too often people are convinced it’ll never happen to me, but burglary does happen and is probably happening to someone right now as you read this article! It is not just ‘unwanted intruders’ that could cause the need for a claim on a contents insurance policy. House fires, flooding or a gas explosion are also genuine hazards and we only have to watch the news to see that they do happen.

Take a look around your living room, how much would it cost to replace your TV, laptop or PC, suite of furniture, carpets, table etc. That’s just in that one room. Could you really afford to replace those contents all at once if you didn’t have a contents insurance policy in place? Some insurance companies offer a discount if for instance you have an alarm fitted or if your home has smoke alarms fitted. You can also insure yourself for accidental damage to your buildings and contents say if you put your foot through the ceiling or dropped something heavy on your bath breaking it.

Do you need buildings insurance ?
Buildings insurance is the insurance that you need to cover the bricks and mortar structure of your building and its permanent fittings and fixtures for example a fitted kitchen, bathroom, windows and doors. If you need to insure an outbuilding such as a garage this can also be done.

You could probably look at your house and think to yourself that it’s not going to fall down anytime soon but who knows what misfortune could happen. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, a hurricane, tornado or a house fire, leaking pipe or a flood are all examples of everyday occurrences that may well happen today around the world.

Some insurance companies offer a discount if for instance you have an alarm fitted or if your home has smoke alarms fitted.

'Do you need home insurance?' The answer is absolutely!

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