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Have you written a DIY Will?

I was recently asked to give some advice to a couple who were considering putting in place a ‘DIY Will’ that had been bought ‘off the shelf’ for £25.00.
Their concerns were that they may have completed the document incorrectly and they did not understand the wording of it. I really couldn’t believe my eyes! It was on one page with very little detail and minimal instruction, poor wording and gave the Trustees virtually no power or flexibility when it came to looking after the estate should there be minor children left behind in the case of both parents dying.

The smallest of mistakes can lead to major problems when writing a Will, yet people still choose to go down the DIY route rather than seek professional advice from a professional Will writer.

Most people don’t possess the knowledge to draw up their own Will, even with the most straight forward estates.
Mistakes can leave the Will invalid or can lead to high legal costs, for example

If you DIY your Will and do not sign it properly your Will is invalid this means that you die intestate, which could mean that your estate (property, money, belongings etc) would not go where you wished it to go.

For a Will to be legally binding it must have two independent (adult) witnesses both at the same time. If the witnesses sign at different times it will be deemed invalid.
If a beneficiary has been asked to also act as a witness it could also compromise the future validity of the Will.

As professional Will writers we would recommend that you chose a minimum of two executors to carry out your wishes, we would also recommend that you appoint guardians for any children, if you do not the state will decide who will care for them.

Sugar Island Financial Advice are your local Professional Will Writing experts here in Northern Ireland covering counties Down, Armagh, Antrim, Derry-Londonderry, Fermanagh or Tyrone. We are right here on your doorstep. Meet one of our professional Will writers in the comfort of your own home or office at a time that suits you morning – afternoon or evening to go through the details of you Will.

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