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How can I get Cheaper Life Insurance?

If you have set out looking for a cheaper life insurance policy then it may well be a good idea to consider a term plan. These are relatively cheap or cheaper than say a whole of life insurance policy. You set the term how many years you want the life insurance to last, so as a rule of thumb the longer the ‘term’ the more expensive it will be and the shorter the term the cheaper it will be. It is a very good idea to seek advice from a Financial Adviser or Insurance Adviser and ask how many years is best and how much cover you should have on a term life insurance policy, so once again the more cover you have in ££’s the more expensive it will be and the less cover you have on your life insurance policy the cheaper it will be i.e. £200,000 of life insurance over 20 years will be cheaper than £200,000 of life insurance over 25 years.

Just as you really should not under insure it is important also that you do not over insure otherwise you will pay more each month than you need to. If your goal is that you can get cheap or cheaper life insurance and you over insure and make your life insurance policy more expensive then you are defeating the purpose. If you don’t have any medical conditions, don’t smoke and don’t have a dangerous job then in general it is likely that your life insurance will be cheaper each month than say someone who smokes, has a medical condition and has a dangerous job as their life insurance will almost certainly be more expensive.

Save Money
You can save money if you are married or in a relationship by taking out a ‘Joint Life Policy’ or in other words do it as a couple as this is normally a cheaper option. A Couple can have either two separate life insurance policies or one joint life insurance policy paying out on the first death this will make it cheaper in most instances. A joint policy however is really only suitable if you need the same amount to pay out on the death of either partner, so remember that whilst this may be cheaper it may not suit you needs.

Smoker / Non Smoker?
In general a Non-smoker will get cheaper life insurance than a smoker, simply because there is less risk that they will die during the term of the life insurance policy. It is important to point out that the term ‘Smoker’ also applies to someone who smokes any drug for recreational or medical reason.

You could also get cheaper life insurance if you stop smoking!

It is fairly simple the higher the risk the more expensive the life insurance will be. To be accepted on your policy as a non-smoker you must not have smoked in the 12 months before taking out your life insurance policy. If you fulfill this criteria then you can have access to the cheaper non-smoker rates. So If you were once a smoker and have now become a non-smoker you could re-apply for new life insurance policy with your non-smoker status and you may be able to get better cover and make a saving every month, as long as you have not smoked tobacco or any drug for recreational or medical reason i.e. cannabis.

The younger you are the cheaper your life insurance policy will be and an advantage to that is you can ‘lock in’ your monthly cost for the entire term of your life insurance policy however long that may be 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years. The older you are when you take out your life insurance then the more expensive it will be for you.

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