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Northern Ireland Keyman-Key Person Insurance, Co Shareholder, Partnership, Sole Trader and Loan Insurance for NI Business.
The shareholders or partners within your business – and here we mean those who run, manage and control the business–are its driving force. So what happens if one of them dies or could no longer continue to work?

Imagine if the shares of a controlling shareholder or the rights of one of your partners were sold or inherited and ended up in the hands of someone you don’t know- and who doesn’t know you or your business, that’s what could happen without Partnership Insurance or Shareholder Insurance in place.

Establishing a legal framework (double option agreement) that gives the remaining controlling shareholders or partners the right to buy out your shares or shares in the partnership if you fall seriously ill or die will give them the legal right to buy – but it can’t ensure they have the money they need. For that the business needs adequate Partnership Insurance or Shareholder Insurance

Business Protection Insurance continuation
Whether you are a shareholder, a partner or a sole trader there are other aspects to business protection insurance in addition to succession planning and the important aspect of family protection.

Loan Insurance
If your business has borrowed money from a bank, has an overdraft, or even if you’ve personally loaned money to the business, your death, or the death of a partner or shareholder could result in the lender calling in the loan, often very suddenly. Where would the money to repay the loan come from? Loan insurance can provide that solution.

Covering a key person
If you lost one of your key people through ill health or death how would that affect your business? Key person-keyman insurance can help cushion your business from that loss.

Loss of relationships
Losing a key person can dent confidence and may even mean losing contracts and customers to your competition. This could reduce profits and the value of your business, Key person-Keyman insurance can help protect your business from the impact of this.

Loss of professional expertise
Specialist skills and experience can be difficult to replace and their loss could seriously jeopardise the future of your business, however Key person-keyman insurance can help protect your business from this loss.

Cost of recruitment
Competitive job markets mean finding and training a replacement could be expensive and time-consuming again that is where money from the payout on a Key person-keyman insurance policy could help you.

Business protection insurance for sole traders
For sole traders, helping to protect your business and your family are very closely related. You’ll have business protection insurance needs that are unique to your situation, because the success of your business will almost certainly depend entirely on you.
In turn, you and your family might rely heavily on the business for financial security. So if you were to suffer an illness serious enough to prevent you from running your business, you could soon face problems meeting your financial commitments.
If you were to die, the business might not be able to continue after all. If it could be sold, what price would it attract without you – the driving force – there to run it?
Would a willing buyer be easy to find?
That is why it is so important to consider business protection insurance protecting yourself your business and those you care about

Find the right answers for you We can help you understand your business protection insurance needs should they lye in the areas of Co Shareholder Insurance, Partnership Insurance, Key person-Keyman Insurance or Loan insurance.
The amount and type of business protection insurance you’ll need will depend on your individual circumstances.

Sugar Island Financial Advice are your local Partnership, Shareholder, Loan and Keyperson-Keyman insurance experts here in Northern Ireland covering counties Down, Armagh, Antrim, Derry-Londonderry, Fermanagh or Tyrone. We are right here on your doorstep and can provide Business Protection insurance designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

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